B&W Spotlight

Looking for a great, witty read? Check out SImon Garfield's book Just My Type.

Yes, it's all about fonts. And yes, reading it makes you a nerd. But it will also make you a true connoisseur of beauty, both in writing and letter-form.

Garfield makes reading a whole chapter on ampersands a pure pleasure with sentences like this:

"Much of what one needs to know about the history and beauty of a font may be found in its ampersand. Done well, an & is not so much a character as a creature, an animal from the deep...."

Of course, it's no surprise that we here at Brevity & Wit are partial to the ampersand and take delight in its sheer beauty and playfulness. Thanks to Garfield, we now have company.

© 2009 Minal Bopaiah

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